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180 Queen Street – A brief history

A variety of businesses have passed through the doors of 180 Queen Street since the lot was plotted in Port Perry’s earliest days. 

Though our little town was incorporated in 1871, the community itself had long since been established, with many entrepreneurial families founding their livelihoods on the banks of Lake Scugog. The choice location was Queen Street, popularized by a magnificent view of the lake, and access to various trade routes. As the town expanded, and infrastructure secured, a bold harness-maker named John Cody became the first to lay the foundation and set the capstone over the doors of our historic building.

By 1870, the site was shared with photographer Henry Mackenzie, who remained in the building for over fifteen years. Mackenzie would divide the storefront and second-floor offices with two other businesses, including ‘Carl the Butcher’, then ‘Lainy and McHarry Hardware’ in 1875. 

When Port Perry’s infamous fire of 1884 swept through, the walls of this place on Queen were destroyed alongside many of our neighbors. Ousting the dentist and ‘Corrigan and Campbell General Store’, who laid claim to the site at the time, 180 Queen was eventually rebuilt into what would become ‘Purdy’s Grocery and Crockery’ store. 

Purdy would have to reconstruct the building again, after yet another fire in 1901 left him with only the original foundation and a few salvaged items. His construction is the very same building in which our very own company rests.

Over the next century, 180 Queen would pass through the hands of over ten businessmen and women, hosting a similar variety of grocery, deli, restaurant, and bakeries. Most recently, it was home to ‘Queen Street Commons’, which housed four eco-friendly, fair-trade, and sustainable product and café service retailers. These retailers merged in “The Eco Port” over the last few years.

In September October 2020, local baker Elizabeth Werner stepped over the historic threshold and established what we endearingly call ‘That Place on Queen’. Living up to the memories of the past, the floors and rafters of That Place on Queen will yet again house the loving entrepreneurship of a local family, calling in the surrounding community with their alluring fresh-baked goods along with local artisans, fair trade, organic coffee and eco friendly products.